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Stock Number   Make Model Year Features Hours Price
    Large Tractors:      
10T15   John Deere 4720       $25,000.00 
87T15   John Deere 2305       Call For Price
93T15   John Deere 4100       Call For Price
111T15   John Deere 4400       $9,500.00
131T14         Lift Pole   $150.00
112T15   John Deere     3320   Call For Price
124T15   John Deere 2330        
    Large Implements:      
234380   John Deere 446   Round Baler   $10,000.00
239448   John Deere 660   Rake   Call for Price
48T15   Kioti KL41   Loader   Call For Price
52T15   John Deere 336   Baler    Call For Price
65T14      60D    3x20 Series    $1,500.00 
95T15     410   Loader   Call For Price
114T15   John Deere 300cx   Loader    
113T15   John Deere 485   BH    
9C11    John Deere  272    3PTH Mower    $1,400.00 
102T14         8ft York Rake Hydraulic Cylinder      $3,000.00
    Lawn & Garden :      
24T15   Kuhn GMD600       $5,000.00
45T15   John Deere 445       Call For Price
54T15   John Deere 345       Call For Price
60T15   John Deere x540       Call For Price
68T15   John Deere L110       Call For Price
22T13   John Deere  F1145       $6,000.00 
139T15   John Deere LX288        
140T15   MF 245        
74T14   Simplicty 1650       Call For Price
81T15     640       Call For Price
83T15   John Deere x340       Call For Price
141T15   John Deere x500        
99T15   John Deere 345       Call For Price
142T15   John Deere x575        
115T15   John Deere z925A        
11C14    John Deere  JS61    WB Mower    $150.00 
44T14   John Deere 345       Call For Price
136T15     750        
117T15   John Deere 750        
121T15         South East    
249449     John Deere  GX345        Call For Price
120T14    John Deere  GX345        $2,500.00 
134T15   John Deere 316        
131T15   John Deere gt235        
116T14   John Deere 345       $3,000.00
    L & G Implements:      
38T   John Deer 1332 DLE   SB   Call For Price
16C14         47" SB   $1,500.00
125T15   JOhn Deere 62"   Deck    
92T12   John Deere     42" Snowblower   $900.00
6T14    John Deere      42" Snowblower    $700.00 
118T15   John Deere  664   SB    
122T12    John Deere    60HD   Deck fits 425-455   $600.00
114T14   John Deere 48C   Deck   $500.00
119T15   John Deere 413        
69T15   John Deere 42"   SB   Call For Price
97T15   Toro     Push Mower   Call For Price
98T15         60" Blade   Call For Price
70T15         Snowmobile   Call For Info
88T15   45-2     Button Plow   Call For Price
Tuff Tires      Wheels & Tires    Fits 4x20 
138T15         1220    
137T15         TC45A    
131T14         Lift Pole   $150.00
92T15   Toro     Pushmower   Call For Price
96T15     54"   Deck   Call For Price